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  • Internal motivation is that which transforms the impossible dreams into reality. It is what enables us to act where others don’t.
  • People who take responsibility for their own motivation are the ones who are able to push past failure without being discouraged and use it to become successful.
  • Internal motivation means having a clear vision, taking personal responsibility, and charting a course for the  future.

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Where does motivation start?

It all starts with us. We first have to understand that I’m the primary mover in my life, humanly speaking. Very few will experience success without a self-motivated drive.

We are responsible for ourselves. If you rely on others you will live a life procrastinating.

Self-motivated people set themselves a part; they operate from an inspired perspective. Unmotivated people wait for the right condition to act.

“If you have to wait for perfect conditions you will do nothing.” –Proverb It is internal motivation that enables us to push past that.

How to Develop Internal Motivation

  1. Clear Vision
  2. Personal Responsibility
  3. Chart a Course for Future


Clear Vision

Internal motivation is more than just a purpose; it’s a clear vision. A vision is a preferred future that energizes us to do everything in our power to do things. We see this in sports.

NBA players that are just in it for the paycheck, once they get a contract are they stop pushing to be better.

That internal drive is what separates the Michael Jordan’s, Magic Johnson’s, and the Larry Bird’s from everybody else. They would do this even if they weren’t paid.

Do what you love what you are passionate about and the rewards will follow.

How do you keep employees from just working for a paycheck?

  • Reminding them of the why, or it will become a grind. Always coming back to why you are doing this.
  • They why cannot be a list of “why” cannot be benefits
  • Look for people who believe in your vision and are passionate about what                                                   you are doing, not just a“great place to work”


Personal Responsibility

It’s not my leaders responsibility to keep me motivated. It’s my own. Blaming others keeps us from greatness. We need to accept full personal responsibility.

Nobody can ruin your life; people can hinder you but they cannot ruin your life. If you have that internal motivation- those hurts and hinders become stepping-stones not tombstones.

Tombstones come from those seeking external motivations.

Do you have the hunger to be able to go for it? When does your hunger get satisfied? How do you stay hungry?

If all I want is a job that will allow me to pay my mortgage then when I find that I will lose motivation. I’ve got to DO what is right even when I don’t FEEL like doing what is right.

The first person I’ve got to impress is myself.

“What you practice in private will be rewarded in the public” Tony Robins. If you are motivated by applause then you will only do it when you get applause.


Charting a Course for Your Future

You have to have a personal direction. “Direction, not intention, determines destination.” Andy Stanley.

You have to have a sense of purpose and direction.“My purpose is bigger than my problems”- that’s why I don’t get discouraged.

What does it look like to have a purposeful direction?

  • You got to have clarity
  • Goals that are clear and attainable
  • A challenge- difficult enough to be interesting
  • Commitment
  • Feedback- be constantly monitoring progress


What do you do when your vision isn’t life-long?

  • Work as long as your vision lasts.
  • Know when to move on


What’s next?

  • You have to actually start. You have to just get after it. Don’t wait for perfect conditions.


What three things kill self-motivation?

  1. Lack of confidence
  2. Lack of focus
  3. Lack of direction


Internal motivation is that which transforms the impossible dreams into reality. It is what enables us to act where others don’t.

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