LE_004 .001The A+ Leadership Seminar; an event designed to help leaders be better for a better world.


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  • Great leadership tips from the seminar attendees






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“Leaders can’t lead unless they take care of themselves. We have to be the ones to take care of ourselves. Like being in an airplane, you’ve got to put your mask on first. We are pouring out, so we have to be pouring in. That means during the course of the day we have to take the time to slow down long enough to feed ourselves and lead ourselves.” Roger


“Set the vision, relay the vision, and continue the vision.” Tom


“If you are going to be a leader, you have to lead. You have to be performance based; you have to be willing to take action. I don’t believe leadership trickles up as much as it trickles down; you have to set the example. “ Darrell


“In every interaction we have a choice. We can be a thermostat or a thermometer. If we choose to be a thermometer we like our environment determine how things are going to go but if we choose to be a thermostat we as the leader determine the environment we are going to set.” J.D.


“The Maxwell Concept of Servant Leadership- we are here to support the people that we lead, our job is provide with resources and remove obstacles so that they can do them well.” Dan


“I do not ask my employees to do things they have not seen me do, I think leading by example is the best way to make them realize that if it’s not beneath me it’s not beneath them.” Joanne



Leader’s Edge is partnered with Anti-Virus to help develop leadership in the next generation.

The proceeds from the A+ Leadership Seminar will support this program.

“Anti-Virus youth education is a character development program that we bring to school systems. We also send a mentor to school systems that will encourage students to step up in leadership and also change things in their life that is corrupt. That’s what Anti-Virus means, anti-bad behavior. We spend time teaching students how to self-correct. “

“Help young students make life work- that’s what Anti-Virus is.” Tanya


 More Leadership Nuggets

“Follow the teachings of Jesus. Leadership for me has got to have a Jesus focus.” Tony

“To serve.” Rusty

“Listening. If you listen to understand and you make the person you are talking to the most important person in the room, that’s huge.” Chad

“If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. So what you think about you bring about.” Esther

“Consistency factor. Doing the same things everyday, whether you want to do them or not, making them a part of your day. Success happens when you do that.” Cindy

“Before you can lead other you should lead yourself.” Eric

“If you think it, ink it. If you think it write it down.” Eric

“If I don’t value myself, why would anyone else? If I don’t believe in myself, why would anyone else?” Tamelle

“Law of Intentionality. Be intentional about what you are doing day in and day out. If you’re intentional about what you do, you can achieve great things” Brett

“Leaders are readers. If you don’t like to read there are podcasts and audio books, but leaders are readers.” Jay

“Principle of Culture. You can have the right strategy, mission, system, but if you don’t have the culture right you will fail. And the converse if true too.” Steve

“Put the right things in order so you can accomplish your goals. If you do a little bit each day you will make it. Consistency is the most important thing. I few focus on the long term we don’t get caught up in the small failures.” Jason

“The next great leader is going to be the guy that asks the best questions. How can I be better at testing the assumption of myself and what I can get into?” Kevin

Procrastinate on Purpose, Rory Vaden’s new book

“Leading by example. People don’t do what you say, they do what you do.” Rory Vaden

“Cast vision. Vision isn’t something you write on a paper and hang up in your office- it’s in every meeting every conversation.” Rory Vaden


Resources and Links

1. Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden

2. Great Leaders Ask Great Questions by John Maxwell 

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