LE Podcast Episode Five Social Skills.001In This Episode:

  • The Importance of social skills
  •  Things that hinder relationship building
  • Things that inspire relationship building

Feature Content:

Why is this important for leaders?

Leadership is all about relationships. You have to have social skills build relationships. A leaders job is main objective is to get work done through people.


Why can’t just lead from my position or title?

You will never be as productive as you can be.

You will have employees not followers. You will have people who will do things because they have to, not because they want to.

You will not be able to grow them, develop them, or maximize them or your department.

There is a difference between a boss and a leader. People will do the bare minimum for a boss; they will go above and beyond for a leader.

Socials skills- friendliness with a purpose, moving people in the direction that you would like them to go.

If your purpose is manipulation people will be able to see right through that.

Social skills give you the ability to manage teams.

Sometimes building relationships doesn’t look like working, but it’s working the network; using social media to communicate and build friendships is not being lazy, it is having social skills. It has a purpose.

Being charming and having social skills is not th same thing; social skills are lasting, charm is fleeting. You can grow and develop social skills; you just have to have a desire to grow.


What keeps you from having social skills?


“It is difficult to find common ground with others when the only person you are focused on is yourself.” John Maxwell. You need to find common ground with other to move things forward.


When we are closed-minded and think that our way is the only right way, we shut people down.


A different form of selfishness, when you are focused on your own comfort instead of others.


You will never be good with social skills if you always have to be in control. You have to be able to be vulnerable.


How can we grow in our Social Skills?

Be Genuine

If you do not have a genuine interest in a person, do not even try to connect with them. People will see right through that.


Provide Massive Help

Sometimes we think there are people, who don’t need help, but we are all human and we all need help. When you help someone it stands out and will not be forgotten. People want to be around people who help them.


Do not stop trying to connect to people. An unreturned email or phone call does not mean someone is not they are not interested- we live in an overloaded society so we cannot give up.

No matter where we are at with our social skills, we can grow and get better.

Remain unforgettable. Be there when people really need you, do things other people aren’t doing.

Lay a good foundation for developing relationships with others; you will be surprised at the return you get.

It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, relationships run the world, and so we need to prioritize people and growing my social skills.


Practical Steps:

  • Use your phone or notes to remember connection points with people
  • Write Thank You Notes
  • **the Intentional app noted in the podcast does not exist anymore

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