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We are honored to partner with Global Priority Solutions to bring you easy access to Anti-Virus

Anti-Virus focuses on bringing values and character ethics to youth organizations, schools, and families.

The problem – or “virus” – is bad behavior. Corruption is all around us – lying, cheating, bullying, irresponsibility, smoking, addictions, wasting time, bad examples, violence, drugs, and much more – and it impacts our youth and our world. The “Anti-Virus” is the character to fight the virus of bad behavior. Equipping students about character and learning how to make daily decisions to live with character combats the power of the virus.

You could make a difference in the lives of students today.  Use one of the following options to make a tax-deductible contribution to Anti-virus.  All proceeds go directly to supporting Anti-virus in a local Ohio school. 

Ongoing Support

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